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Outside of the Perth Metropolitan area, the South West is the most populated part of Western Australia.  Our population is still remarkably small, so it comes as something of a surprise just how many artists, professional and semi professional, are in the region.  The art they are making is difficult to pin down. It ranges across genres and forms, and the collections of some are much larger than others. 

We can’t adequately describe in words all that happens here in the region, but we can introduce you to many of the artists and show you some images of their work.  From there you can decide that you want to work a little harder, find the galleries they’re in, visit the studio, perhaps contact them directly. 

If you’re thinking of getting out and about, motivated by all the visual arts there is to experience, remember you could make a day of it. See some great country, eat some marvellous food, meet extraordinary people, it all sounds like a worthwhile pursuit.