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Noongar Artist Overview

The South West of Western Australia is the traditional home of the Noongar people. For thousands of years they have moulded and formed the culture of the region, and in our contemporary society, employ the arts as a way of continuing to influence how we see our environment, our history and ourselves.

Noongar art practice is distinctive. It is strongly influenced by the traditions of Carrolup, a painting style that emerged from the Carrolup Mission in the 1940s. The Carrolup artists were children who adapt the western style of capturing the landscape to their own cultural sensibilities. Today, Noongar artists are diverse in their practice, using a wide range of images and techniques in their work, but the references to those child artists of decades past are often still apparent.

To view the work of Noongar artists is to gain anew insight into this region and its heritage.